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PUBG skins assume an exciting role in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the popular online game and sensation of the era. Despite the fact that in-game skins don’t do much and do not help in killing and hunting. These skins look amazing and help the players look unique and make an identity for themselves.

pubg skins
pubg skins

What can you do with the skins?

The most apparent use of PUBG skins is to equip them to your character and look unique. You can also use them in-game to dab on the corpses of your enemies! Another alternative is to sell them; you would then be able to utilize your obtained Steam Wallet Balance to buy any game or item that is accessible on Steam. Given below is the guide that enlists every existing, exclusive, and rare PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS item skins that you can acquire. 

Rare and Exclusive Code Skins:

The items listed below are acquired through codes from promotions and partnerships.

  • Partner’s Jacket
  • PandaTV T-Shirt
  • 2018 PUBG ALL-STAR T-Shirt (Korean)
  • DMM T-Shirt
  • Telnyashka T-Shirt
  • Pioneer Shir

Unavailable Skins:

The following skins are only available when redeemed in their specific Launchers.

  • DMM T-Shirt V2 
  • Telnyashka T-Shirt V2 
  • Kakao Games T-Shirt 
  • Laogong T-Shirt

 Xbox One Skins:

The skins listed below are only available in the Xbox One. They can also be purchased from the Microsoft website for a limited time only. 

  • PUBG Warrior Pack 
  • PUBG Accessory Pack 
  • PUBG Tracksuit Pack
  • Xbox One PUBG5 Jacket 

Datamined Skins:

The following skins are Datamined and are unavailable to the Public. They are set on hold, and they might be launched sooner rather than later.

  • Hats (Datamined)
  • Jackets (Datamined)
  • Shirts (Datamined)

Starter Kit:

The starter kit is awarded for free, the first time you create a character. These skins are not tradable, and you cannot sell them to others. The following are the skins awarded in the kit.

T-shirt (White)        T-shirt (Grey)        Utility Belt
Combat Pants (Brown)   Combat Pants (Khaki)     Hi-top Trainers


pubg weapon skins
pubg weapon skins

PUBG has special weapon skin crates that can be obtained, to make your weapon look unique and different from other players. Weapon skins were presented during the anniversary of BATTLEGROUNDS. These weapon skins in PUBG are entirely cosmetic and hold no game-play function.

Much the same as clothing crates, weapon skin crates have the standard two versions.

  • Buy with BP with a random possibility (the Triumph Crate is at a 20% chance) at getting a weapon case out of a few different crates with no key required. A key is not required to open a “Raider” crate.
  • The “Triumph” Crate is purchasable and requires a Weapon Skin Key to open. Buy with BP, and it will be opened with a key. 

Weekly crates give you duplicates, yet you can either trade copies for BP or sell them on the Steam Community Market.

Rarities of Weapon Crates:

These rarities are listed from common to the rarest.

    • Grey (Classic)
    • Green (Special)
    • Blue (Rare)
    • Violet (Elite)
    • Purple (Epic)
    • Red (Legendary)
    • Gold (Ultimate)

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