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They must be familiar with points and ranks for someone who spends a considerable part of their day on the virtual battlefields of Erangel or Sanhok in PUBG. All players in PUBG Mobile do not exhibit a similar skill, and this is where the game’s ranking system comes in. PUBG Mobile has eight ranks to determine the players’ skill level. Winning games offer points that increase their ranks, and losing in the early stages of match results in points deduction and eventually de-ranking. Given below is a list of pubg ranks.


pubg bronze rank

The Bronze rank is the most basic and the lowest in PUBG Mobile. This rank is given to players who are novices and have played their first match on PUBG Mobile. It has five tiers starting from Bronze V and reaching Bronze I. Many bots are present in the game, to make the game easier to play for the newcomers.

#2 Silver

pubg silver rank

Silver rank mostly contains players who have played a few matches of PUBG Mobile. The Silver rank comes after Bronze I. It has five tiers from Silver V to Silver I. Although bots are still present in this rank, the number is significantly less. The games are slightly tricky, but most players can push their ranks easily.

#3 Gold

pubg gold rank

The next step on the tier ladder is the Gold rank. It has five tiers ranging from Gold V to Gold I. The players who have significant experience of playing PUBG Mobile come under this rank. The games in the rank are more challenging than what players belonging to the silver tier experience. However, with a little practice, players can push their ranks with ease.

#4 Platinum

pubg platinum rank

The Platinum rank comes after a player goes up to Gold I. It also has five tiers from Platinum V to Platinum I. The games in the bracket mostly consist of players who have mastered the basics and are relatively good at the gameplay.

There are no to very few bots in the game, which makes it difficult to win and push the rank.

#5 Diamond

pubg diamond rank
pubg diamond rank

The Diamond rank comes after Platinum I. It has five tiers ranging from Diamond V to Diamond I. This rank mostly comprises players who are skilled and have mastered the basics. The matches are challenging and competitive. It keeps on getting more stringent and difficult to win with almost no bots in the game.

#6 Crown

pubg crown rank
pubg crown rank

The Crown rank comes once the player has graduated Diamond I. Same as above this rank has five tiers from Crown V to Crown I. This bracket mostly comprises players who excel at the game. They are skilled at aiming, looting, and making strategies. The players in this bracket are highly competitive, and only those who practice can rise through the tier.

#7 Ace

pubg ace rank
pubg ace rank

After the Crown 1, comes Ace. It does not have five tiers like other badges. This group comprises highly experienced players who are exceptional and skilled at aiming, shooting, positioning, and tactics.

#8 Conqueror

pubg conqueror rank
pubg conqueror rank

The Conqueror rank comes after a player has reached the Ace tier. This rank does not have five tiers similar to other ranks. Only the top 500 players from each region are honored with the Conqueror’s badge.

This rank comprises professional players and those who are highly skilled at playing PUBG Mobile. These players are outstanding with each weapon. Most players in this rank t compete in professional tournaments and pursue it as a career, and those who don’t are still regarded as stupendous PUBG Mobile players.

How to rank up fast in Pubg Mobile?

The following are the four ways to boost your ranking in PUBG Mobile.

1. Choose a game mode of your choice and try to increase your rank in the preferred mode. Playing randomly in different modes, will not help you increase your rank.

2. Concentrate on surviving till the end than racking up kills and dying in the initial stages of the game. Play safe and boost your ranking.

3. Ranking increases proportionally with how much your character has healed in the game. Try to take some damage and heal yourself as it will help reach a higher rank.

4. Ratings are only considered for the Classic matches. If you play more in Arcade mode, know that it doesn’t help in boosting your rank.

Does playing arcade in Pubg increase rank?

Arcade mode is a great warm-up for the Classic match; however, it does not add up the points. To boost the ranking, one should play in classic mode, as it will help in earning points and push the rank through the season. 

What does BP mean in PUBG?

BP, or Battle Points, is PUBG Mobile in-game currency that can be earned by completing matches, missions, or more. After each match, you’ll earn an amount of BP, which can only be used to buy Soldier Crates and change your avatar’s appearance or gender.

Can you buy BP in Pubg?

There is no way to purchase BP as for now. The only way to earn battle points is by playing the matches and completing missions. 

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