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PUBG New update has been launched by Tencent Games and has many exclusive features. PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update is unique in itself due to a couple of reasons. For starters, it marks the first time the game has been updated without taking the servers down to ensure an unhindered and better gaming experience. Moreover, it is the first time that PUBG Mobile is not lagging behind the desktop version of PUBG in terms of introducing new features and updates. The new features that mainly include a new map LIVIK are not available on desktop version yet.


The most recent update for PUBG Mobile (v0.19.0) is now talk of the town and has introduced many new features to the game. Discussed below is the detailed overview of the update.


PUBG-Mobile- new map-Livik
PUBG-Mobile- new map-Livik

Pubg map Livik –  all-new battle royale map is exclusive to the PUBG Mobile only. The map is a Nordic scenery and is the smallest map among all the PUBG maps. This map estimates 2km x 2km in size and allows 52 players to enter the match for 15 minutes gameplay. The new pubg map also introduced its exclusive vehicles and firearms.


The Themed mode will be accessible on Erangel and Miramar maps in Classic Mode. Players get an opportunity to enter this mode in the wake of choosing these maps.

  • Small Statue – Burns up after interaction. Drops supplies and items after burning.
  • Giant Statue – Has various development stages that change as the themed event advances. It consumes in the last stage.
  • Statue Camp – Enter them to search for supplies.

THE ANCIENT SECRET (coming soon):

pubg mobile ancient secret
pubg mobile ancient secret

This themed mode will be available in Erangel and Miramar when enacted.

Ancient Temple – A large and significant structure with a two-story building. It at first sits on the ground; however, as the play zone moves, it starts floating in the air and moves along.
Ancient puzzle – A puzzle comprised of slates.

Boss fight – Players who make it to the second floor of the ancient secret can challenge the boss of the building and win incredible prizes.

Small ruins – Small randomly appearing ruins that disappear after some time. They contain supplies and rewards.


PUBG-Mobile-Arena-Mode- team gun game
PUBG-Mobile-Arena-Mode- team gun game

This new mode will be available only on  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from July 31st,2020.

4v4 match – The initial weapons at the start of the game will be the same. However, they can be upgraded by killing enemies. The first team to use the final weapon – the pan to kill the enemies will be the winner. Also, the team with the higher score when the time runs out will be the winner.

New Map-Library: The map has an even format and three ambush courses: left, right, and center. The players can take positions according to their weapon. This will help in experiencing a whole lot of new gaming techniques and more exciting gameplay.

New Arena Attachment – Now Loadout connection: Barrel Extender. The attachment is a muzzle that can be utilized with Sniper Rifles, Rifles, and SMGs. It expands the gun’s range.


Season Warm-up Event Gameplay-At the finish of Season 13, a season warm-up occasion will be accessible temporarily. Subsequent to joining the event, players will fight in 4-player groups in Classic Mode (unranked) and can finish missions to win a Season 14 ranking points, which will be changed over into Season 14 ranking points after the update of Season 14.

Alongside the previously mentioned features, the update brings many miscellaneous changes that can be found in the official patch notes. Furthermore, players who install the new update before July 13th will get 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and a three-day Nightmare Helmet reward.

What is pubg new update size?

The size of the PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update is 1.84 GB for Android devices and 2.13 GB for iOS devices. This update is exclusive to PUBG Mobile and has not been launched to pubg PC yet.

When is the new pubg update?

The Developers Tencent have released PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 on Tuesday, July 7, 2020. The new download is going live across all platforms during this time, including gamers on Android and iOS.

How to spend BP in pubg mobile new update?

Spending BP is simple. Open the game on your device and explore the shop. Select Crates, and afterward Soldier Crate to open a random crate of gear. You can also dismantle this item if you have it already, to redeem the coins.


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