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PUBG new map Livik is an exclusive map that has been designed explicitly for the mobile version of the game and will not be launched on the console version or the PC version of the game. This new map is the smallest among all the maps in the game. In addition to that, pubg new map Livink also offers new weapons and vehicles. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the map.

PUBG MOBILE new secret map
PUBG MOBILE new secret map


Pubg map Livik –  all-new battle royale map is exclusive to the PUBG Mobile only. The map is a Nordic scenery and is the smallest map among all the PUBG maps. This new pubg map estimates 2km x 2km in size and allows 52 players to enter the match for 15 minutes gameplay, which seems perfect for the players who prefer quick matches.

The new map is featured below in detail. Check it out!


The pubg new map livik is comprised of a variety of terrains, thus providing a blend of all the maps already available in Battlegrounds. This is a comprehensive map and consists of four terrains. On the upper right are ice-capped mountains, and desert on the bottom left. The rest of the land is loaded up with lavish fields and trees. Lastly, the fourth terrain is the water that encompasses the island.

Places on the map such as Crabgrass, Midtstein, Gass, and Blomster have a higher number of players landing and can be called Pochinki of the Livik map. The new pubg map incorporates various fascinating sites like cascades, lakes, and monster trucks, all of which have beforehand not been seen within the game. It offers a complete package in terms of changing gameplay according to the terrain you end up in.


In addition to the terrains, the new map also offers livik exclusive new firearms.

  • SMG – P90:


This new weapon is added to the pubg new map and is going to be everyone’s favourite SMG (sub-machine gun). The P90 has a higher bullet rate and kills the enemies faster. It can load up to 50 bullets. The only negative is that this gun has a limited range.

  • Marksman rifle – MK 12:

Marksman rifle - MK 12
Marksman rifle – MK 12

MK12 is a  burst sniper rifle that provides a high-speed burst. This high-speed burst sniper goes perfectly with the new fast-paced nature of the game.


livik monster truck
livik monster truck

The top speed of PUBG Mobile’s new vehicle ‘Monster Truck’ is around 82 km/h, which is very moderate contrasted with different vehicles. However, its advantages remunerate the disadvantages. This vehicle can move over mountains, rocks, and snow effortlessly. Aside from that, it can be driven underwater.

The Monster truck has a feeble ability to protect against enemy attacks. It does not provide enough cover and is very exposing to the enemy’s aims. Its high tires are easily trackable and can be busted easily, exposing you to the enemies.


An extended barrel attachment has also been added, which can be attached to a sniper, rifle, or submachine gun to enhance the range of the weapon.


livik 15 minutes game-play
livik 15 minutes game-play

Another feature that makes the new pubg map Livik different than the others is the time limitation. This map is designed for the sole purpose of allowing people to play a full map in 15 minutes. That is a lot lower than all the other maps in the game, and it won’t take long to play a complete game. Shorter and more intense gameplay with a mix of various terrains is the moto behind the new map Livink.

How to get the Livik map in PUBG mobile?

The Livik map gets added when you update to the most recent update of PUBG Mobile. The Livik map is as of now in the beta version and could be updated later on. This new update is accessible on Google Play Store for Android users as well as the iOS App Store. After the update, the Livik Map will show up in the game.

What new items are added to Livik?

The new pubg map Livik has introduced two exclusive firearms: SMG P90 and Mk12. SMG P90 is a submachine gun and offers a higher bullet rate to kill enemies faster. While Mk 12 is a burst sniper rifle and provides high-speed bursts while sniping. In addition to that, an extended barrel attachment has also been added, which can be attached to a sniper, rifle, or submachine gun to enhance the range of the weapon. A monster truck is also introduced that is perfect for all the terrains and can be driven underwater.


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