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PUBG Mobile servers are hosted in the cloud, by PUBG Mobile. In case you’re not familiar with the term, a cloud is a group of servers and services that can be used, rented, and scaled by lots of different organizations. It implies that game developers can concentrate on the thing they have to – creating and keeping up the game – while another person deals with the snort behind it. Moreover, the distributed nature of the cloud implies that services are distributed and hosted from all over the world.

Shorter distances from your server provide you with the lowest PUBG ping and hence a better game-play. It is because the farther you move away from a server, there are additional miles of undersea fiber optic cable for the data packets to traverse.

So, keeping in view that shorter and nearer distances are better, you must be wondering how close your nearest PUBG server location is. There you go!

PUBG Server Locations:


Given below is the list of pubg server locations:

  • Virginia, US
  • Ohio, US
  • California, US
  • Oregon, US
  • Canada
  • São Paulo, Brasil
  • Ireland
  • London, UK
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Mumbai, India
  • Japan
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Korea
  • Middle East
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Moscow, Russia
  • East Australia
  • South Australia

South America has only one location to cover the entire mainland. Southern Europe and enormous wraps of Southern Asia aren’t covered directly, rather with the help of better internet connectivity. Hence, one point covers huge areas, and decent internet connections support the rest.

Organizations can’t place servers in every area. If the cloud supplier – in this case, AWS – can offer an entrance into their private system regardless of how far the pubg servers are, you will experience much less ping, and hence an exciting game-play.


At the time of writing, June 2020, PUBG Mobile has six servers, namely, North America, Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and KRJP. Of all these servers, Asian servers have the most competitive climate among all existing servers.

pubg servers list
pubg servers list

Given below is a detailed review of all the servers. Check it out!


KRJP is PUBG Mobile Game Server for the people in Korea & Japan regions. Actually, the (PUBG) game developer has his origins from South Korea, so they secured one entire server for just three countries. This server is probably the easiest server out of all others. Players on this server are usually new players who just started playing. Or those who are not proficient at playing. This server has a lot of bots to fill the 100 players count. Gear up and win frequent Chicken Dinners.


This server is level above KRJP. For novices who want their level up, they can start playing in this server. Bots are often found; hence, it is easier to kill in this server. If you want to have a fun game that comprises of the hunt and kill, this is your go-to server.


This server has many bots, just like the other two. It has low ranked players, which include Bronze, Silver, or Platinum. You can easily taste Chicken Dinner while playing on this server.


The Middle East is a recently launched server and covers the vast area of the continent. There are plenty of bots, and the game-play is not that tough.


Europe is a mid-level server and has a few proficient players. It is slightly challenging than the other three servers. It still has a few bots and makes it a bit easier for the players to survive till the end and push the rank.


Asia is the most competitive server of all. It still has a few bots, but the game-play is quite wild as compared to others. Players are mostly professional, and the chances of a chicken dinner are rare if you are a novice.


PUBG servers require regular maintenance. For this purpose, maintenance is scheduled, and players are notified beforehand. Pubg server status is down during the maintenance. There are ways to check your pubg server status and make sure that the server is going under maintenance. 

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