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PUBG Mobile controller serves as a tool for convenient game-play. PUBG Mobile has come a long way since its launch, offering truly console-quality game-play on smartphones. However, touch-screen controls have their limitations, and mobile controllers provide virtual benefits to the players.
PUBG Mobile has limited mobile controller support, unlike other games like CoD (Call of Duty), which offers support for several popular controllers. In spite of limited options, given below is everything you need to know about pubg mobile controller support.

Does PUBG Mobile have controller support?

Tencent hasn’t officially integrated controller support into PUBG Mobile, and it does not support Bluetooth controllers on Android and iOS devices for the game outside of the movement. That being stated, you can connect a Bluetooth-enabled controller to your mobile device, but the buttons won’t have any actions mapped to them. However, there are specific plugins and tools that can be used, and for that, your device must be Android, but these are unofficial and are not supported by Pubg Mobile controller support and may lead to your account getting banned.

PUBG Mobile Controllers in 2020:

One can enjoy the game-play without any limitations by using PUBG Mobile PC emulator like Tencent Gaming Buddy or Bluestacks. These applications allow you to customize inputs fully and mold the controls to your choice so that you can use any PC game controller or mouse and keyboard.

There are some options for those who want to use a controller other than connecting your Xbox or PlayStation controller. A physical controller shell can be used as it fits around your mobile phone and has arms that press the screen for you. These controllers are made to work with secondary buttons and do not allow movement, which means you will need to use those thumbs to get around the map.

There are several models available for mobile-specific controllers, and getting one of those will be your best at playing while minimizing limited touch control. Listed below are the best mobile controllers in 2020. 


#1 – 2019 Newest Mobile Phone Game Controller:

2019 Newest Mobile Phone Game Controller
2019 Newest Mobile Phone Game Controller

The first on our rundown is the Newest cell phone controller, and it carries a ton to the board with regards to features. Firstly, it is a complete gamepad, which implies you can mount your telephone upright and utilize the joystick and trigger buttons to have a fantastic game-play. It is all set out of the container, which means you do not have to install any software to make this work on your Android or iOS device. The Newest Mobile Phone Game Controller is ideal for movement since it’s smaller. It costs $34.99, and this is the perfect PUBG Mobile Controller to purchase in 2020.

#2 – GameSir G4s Bluetooth Controller:

Pubg Mobile Controller in 2020
Pubg Mobile Controller in 2020

The following one on our rundown is the most premium contribution as well and is best for games like PUBG and Fortnite on your device. The GameSir G4s belongs to a well-reputed brand and has the most attractive and amazing controllers accessible in the market. You also get the chance to modify the LED lighting in the buttons for a whole new gaming experience. While the GameSir G4s has all the incredible highlights that you would anticipate from an excellent quality Bluetooth gaming controller, the vibration motors in the handles make this one of the most enjoyable contributions out there. It costs $51.19, which is justified, given all the features it offers.

#3 – iPEGA PG-9129 Bluetooth Controller:

Pubg Mobile Controller in 2020
Pubg Mobile Controller in 2020

The next option is budget-friendly and is suitable for those who want a more tactile experience while playing mobile-based games. The iPEGA PG-9129 controller is flexible and stretches up to 86 millimeters, enough to hold the biggest of phones. It has a turbo mode, which gives players more action than usual. This mode is generally helpful for running or shooting in games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. The iPEGA PG-9129 accompanies a smooth finished hand grip. It costs $17.20, and we highly recommend it.

PUBG Mobile Controller Setup:

Pubg Mobile controller android setup
Pubg Mobile controller android setup

The Pubg Mobile controller setup has been explained in detail below. If your device fulfills the requirements, we will offer a few tips to help get PUBG controller support working on your device.

Android Controller Support:

One of the best ways to play PUBG Mobile with a controller on Android is to use the Sixaxis Controller App on a rooted device with a remote. DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 remote is preferable. Here are the necessary steps involved:

  1. Take some screenshots in PUBG Mobile at key points like while landing, in the lobby, and after landing to get complete pictures of game layouts.
  2. Connect the controller to the device by utilizing OTG cables. The OTG adaptor changes the controller’s USB signal to something your device can use.
  3. With everything connected, open the Sixaxis App. Tap “Pair Controller” and wait for the process to complete.
  4. When it is paired, unplug everything and turn on the remote.
  5. In the Sixaxis App, go to Settings and tap ”Touch Emulator” and then ”Edit Profile”.
  6. A box saying “tap for menu” will pop up. Tap it and select “Change Background.”
  7. Now import the pictures we took in step one. When it is on screen, tap to bring up the menu and select “Edit Background.” Rotate the image, so it’s right-side up.
  8. Tap again and select “Add Button.”
  9. Now select the button and drag it over the corresponding section on the screenshot.
  10. Save the profile as PUBG Mobile, and you are good to go.

Pubg mobile controller IOS:

As for now, PUBG has not launched Mobile controller support for IOS. The above-mentioned method is only suitable for Android. It is hoped that in the near future, game developers will launch PUBG Mobile controller support for IOS.

How do you use a controller with PUBG Mobile?

Pubg Mobile offers complete control settings. One can customize the layout to adjust the buttons and control schemes. For this, the following steps are to be followed:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Tap on the Settings, then tap Controls on the right-hand side and Customise.
  3. From there, you can move whatever buttons you want at the position of your choice. You can also create a new layout if you do not always play with PUBG Mobile triggers.
  4. When finished, tap Save and Exit.

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