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As soon as you land on to your marked location in pubg, you scavenge for weapons, gears, and equipment. While looking for loot if you come across a red-colored pistol, wait no more and pick it up. Although this pistol causes no damage to others, it surely helps to call in weapons that are strong enough to kill the enemy with a single bullet. This red pistol is called flare gun and is used for signaling. But signal to what? The Flare gun is an extremely rare weapon found in PUBG. Read on to find out how to use it and what do you get after firing it.

How to fire flare gun?

The flare gun is fired straight up in the air, upwards into the sky, directly above the current location. It does not sound like a traditional gun, instead it gives off a different sound that can be heard and distinguished by the enemies. It calls in a custom airdrop that drops highly valuable equipment compared to the ordinary airdrop.

Once a flare is fired and reaches an altitude of 200 meters, it’s a signal for a supply plane. Soon a plane flies over the map and drops off supplies.

pubg flare gun supplies
pubg flare gun supplies


When you are inside the white circle, the flare gun is used to call in a special supply crate. However, if you are outside the white circle, it is used to summon a Russian infantry fighting vehicle called the BRDM-2.

pubg Crate
pubg Crate

Following are the supplies that a supply crate contains:


AWM – It is a bolt-action rifle type and is the best gun in the game. It has hit damage of 105 and uses .300 Winchester Magnum.

pubg awm
pubg awm

Mk14 EB – is a DMR type weapon in PUBG. It is a hard-hitting long-range rifle for putting down targets with a single bullet.

pubg mk14
pubg mk14

M249 – It is a light machine gun and can load up to 100 bullets. It uses 5.56mm.

pubg m249
pubg m249

OTs-14 Groza – It is an assault rifle that uses 7.76mm and gives hit damage of 47.

  • AUG A3
  • DBS


  • 4x ACOG Scope
  • 8x CQBSS Scope
  • 15x PM II Scope
  • Suppressor (AR, DMR, S12K)
  • Suppressor for Snipers


  • A multi-slot camouflage outfit designed to resemble background environments such as foliage, snow, or sand, a ghillie suit can conceal its wearer extremely well.
ghillie suit material
ghillie suit material


  • Spetsnaz Helmet (level 3)
  • Military vest (level 3)
  • Backpack (level 3)


  • Adrenaline syringes
  • Medical kit


If the flare gun is fired outside the white circle, it summons a Russian infantry fighting vehicle called the BRDM-2. In recent update The BRDM-2 has replaced the armored UAZ. The armored UAZ was a good vehicle, but it had certain limitations. For instance, it could not traverse water, but BRDM-2 has the ability to do so.

pubg drop car
pubg drop car

Where to find PUBG flare gun?

PUBG flare gun is a pretty rare tool, and you will not find it as a common drop in all the maps. Instead, you will find it in a handful of locations. Listed below are some sites from Erangel where you might find the flare gun. It is to be noted that the locations are completely randomized.

  • Shooting Range
  • Novorepnoye
  • Mylta Power
  • Military Base
  • Georgopol
  • Ferry Pier
  • School

How many flare guns are there in one match?

It is hard to say about the exact number of flare guns per match. However, more than ten flare guns can be found per game, but only 2 of them are effectively contestable. Everyone with a flare gun is looking to use it in the ‘next’ safe zone when it’s up.

Can a flare gun kill?

No, a flare kill cannot kill an enemy. It is used to send off a signal for a special crate that contains rare weapons and equipment. It is fired vertically upward followed by a plane dropping the supply drop.

What happens if you shoot someone with a flare gun?

No damage will be caused if you shoot someone with a flare gun. However, the bullet will be lost, and you will not be able to call in a supply drop and will miss a golden chance of getting your hands on rare weapons.

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