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How to earn and use battle points (BP)

PUBG battle points (BP) are the currency for Battlegrounds that are awarded to the players after playing the match, completing missions, and more. For those wandering into the tumultuous land of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), your aim will be attempting to remain alive. As long as you are alive and progress well into the match, you’ll start to earn Battle Points (BP). This currency can be utilized to either change the appearance of your character or buy crates.


There are various ways of earning BP in the Battlegrounds. We have discussed them in detail below.

Complete a Match and Earn BP:

Bp pubg
Bp pubg

By completing a match, you can earn PUBG Battle points. This depends on three factors.

  • Kills – Number of enemies that you have killed.
  • Rank – For how long did you survive.
  • Hits – How much damage you gave to the enemies.

Furthermore, you’ll likewise earn different amounts of PUBG BP relying upon which mode you play. Here’s a list of the amount of BP you earn for a win in each game type:

  • Solo – 800 BP.
  • Duo – 400 BP.
  • Squad – 200 BP.

Hence, winning a match and inflicting severe damage increase the rate of earning PUBG Battle Points.

Log-in Daily For Bonus Points:

Weekly and daily login rewards
Weekly and daily login rewards

Players can likewise gain more BP by signing in to the game every day. Log in rewards reset at 00:00 UTC, so don’t pass up a major opportunity!

Receive BP From Friends:

Pubg bp - Gift friends
Pubg bp – Gift friends

You can get as much as 50 BP through your friends! You can also return the favor by gifting them back. You can send gifts daily, as there’s only a limited number of gifts you can send out!

Connect Social Network Accounts To Get BP:

Connect social media accounts- earn bp pubg
Connect social media accounts- earn bp pubg

Connecting your social accounts such as Facebook, Google Play, Game Center, and Twitter can gain you 2,000 BP. Regardless of whether you don’t play using those accounts, make sure to connect them.

Earn BP Through Missions:

Progress missions to earn pubg bp
Progress missions to earn pubg bp

BP is likewise earned through daily challenges or progress missions. Check them on the bottom right of your screen. Tap on “collect” to get your earned BP; else, you won’t get them.

Gather Points Via Event Rewards:

PUBG BP- event rewards
PUBG BP- event rewards

There are specific crates for certain events that offer BP. For instance, after a Chicken Dinner event rewards, reward the players with the Chicken Dinner BP Crate. You can acquire up to 150-300 BP per crate, so make sure to collect them and complete any missions that have them as remunerations!


There are two ways in which you can spend your in-game currency.

Alter Character Appearance & Gender:

Change your character- pubg bp points
Change your character- pubg bp points

BP is utilized to change a character’s appearance and gender, which you can get through the Inventory under “Reset Appearance.” Costs vary for different aspects of your character that you need to change. You can change the hair, face, and other features. All you have to do is spend some BP, and you are good to go.

Purchase Soldier’s Crate With BP:

Players can use BP to purchase Soldier’s Crate from the Shop, which contains random outfits and costumes. The BP cost of the crate increases each time they’re opened once and reset every week.

Times Opened BP Cost
1st Time 700 BP
2nd Time 1,400 BP
3rd Time 2,800 BP
4th Time 4,200 BP
5th Time 5,600 BP
6th Time 7,000 BP

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