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PUBG Arctic mode is a new mode that is an extension of Classic mode. It was teased as ”Cold Front Survival”. This mode is more about survival and teamwork rather than running and gunning. In particular, in this mode, players focus on teamwork to remain alive through the cruel winters of Vikendi as the climate in this mode can hit similarly as hard as the blue zone outside the circle.

PUBG new arctic mode
PUBG new arctic mode

Arctic Mode is a stressful yet interesting experience considering you do not just need to escape from the ever-contracting circle and look out for enemies. Rather you need to factor in the oppressive cold that could get you killed just like the blue zone does.

Discussed below is our PUBG Arctic mode guide that includes EVERYTHING that you need to know.


pubg mobile arctic mode
pubg mobile arctic mode

Arctic Mode in PUBG Mobile brings you straight into Vikendi with your crew, where you land onto the ice-land and search for weapons and protection. This makes the game the same as the normal Classic Mode. The distinct feature of the Arctic mode is its climate. The climate CAN and WILL kill you if you are not cautious.

When you land, you will see a temperature indicator on the left of your health bar. This pointer gives you an idea of how cold your character is at a given moment. This pointer helps you to keep track of your temperature during Blizzards, which are quite common in the mode.

During a blizzard, your temperature will rapidly drop, and you will lose health as rapidly as you lose it outside the circle. If you want to survive until the end, you should take cover from the snowstorm until it goes away before moving once again.


campfire in pubg arctic mode
campfire in pubg arctic mode

If you are indoors while the snowstorm comes, you will still feel cold. In order to keep yourself warm, you have some items at your disposal. The most basic of the items is firewood, which you can use to light a campfire. 

Dispersed all through the map, you’ll discover branches that you can use as fuel for lighting fire. Get indoors and tap on the corresponding button on your UI to light the fire. After it is lit, you can add branches to keep the fire lit. This is the main way of staying warm in the blizzard. Moreover, every time you light a fire, your campfire location will appear marked on the map.

how to stay warm in arctic mode
how to stay warm in the arctic mode

Another way to warm yourself up is by using heat packs that you can find dispersed through the map. These packs can keep you warm for a few seconds. It helps when blizzard has come, and you need to relocate yourself into a safer location.



Another exciting feature of the mode is hunting for meat. Hens are running around the map that you can shoot and chase for meat, which you would then be able to process into edible food. While you can remain warm by remaining close to a fire, you can likewise cook meat and enjoy the campfire.


Another distinct yet interesting feature is the availability of drones in the mode. They can easily be found lying around on the map. Since players are frequently bound indoors because of the snowstorm, it’s hard to see enemies drawing nearer. Besides, since the snowstorms are very loud, it’s significantly harder to hear enemy footsteps.

pubg arctic mode drone
pubg arctic mode drone

Fortunately, you can utilize your drone to fly around the zone and scout for enemies. Additionally, after you are done, you can primarily review your drone and store it for some time.

Arctic Mode is a subtle expansion to the collection of game modes in PUBG Mobile as it adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. This mode encourages teamwork and makes the game-play more stressful and challenging.

Where is Arctic mode in pubg mobile?

To play the Arctic mode, you need to update your game from Google play store on Android or App Store on IOS. The newly launched Arctic Mode is available in the Vikendi map and encourages the players to work wholly and with teamwork.

What is cold front survival in pubg?

The cold front survival is another name for the Arctic mode in PUBG. The trailer of the mode came under the name ‘cold front survival,’ later came to known as the arctic mode.

How do you get a drone in pubg?

Drones are lying around in the arctic mode. Players can find them while scavenging for the loot. You can use it to monitor your surroundings while seeking refuge inside.

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